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CPAdirect Marketing is the Primary Advertising Agent for the Following Accounting Websites: – Reach the CPA Community and connect with thousands of daily users and offer relevant meaningful products and services to over 500,000 Certified Public Accountants. is the only national public directory of the CPA Profession. has been providing individuals and businesses with access to an online comprehensive database of the CPA profession since 1999. The mission of CPAdirectory is two-fold: to provide Certified Public Accountants with the resources and technology that they need to enhance their practice; and to provide the public with a centralized platform where they can learn about the CPA profession, seek out the services of a CPA, and write and read reviews of CPAs. CPAdirectory has tremendous reach into the profession and provides CPAs access to new products and services weekly. While CPAdirectory does not sell their opt-in list of CPA email addresses and opt-in list of accountant email addresses, CPAdirectory does deploy approved targeted emails weekly on behalf of advertisers to over 500,000 CPAs and tax professionals. Opt-in lists include CPA firm emails and Certified Public Accountant emails. CPAdirectory is your source and broker for the rental of accounting lists, CPA lists, CPA firm lists and CPA postal mailing lists.

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